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Benefits for our Firms

When your firm becomes a member of GMN International:

  • You become part of a well-established international association without losing your independence

  • You are able to serve your clients globally offering business expertise and local market knowledge

  • You can share technical knowledge, practice management information and marketing ideas with professionals from all over the world

  • Your firm’s profile is enhanced through its broader offering

  • You have access to local business and tax expertise in all major trading areas of the world

  • You have access to the ability to develop core and value-added services

  • You have access to an ever-growing archive of data and information in the member section of the website

  • You place your firm in a position to retain clients who might otherwise be lost to international firms

  • You can attract clients who have a global requirement

  • You can attract and retain quality staff through the international staff secondment programme

  • Regionally you can share specialist skills with other member firms

  • Your partners are able to build close networks by attending conferences
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